On June 3, 2021 (in the afternoon), the third meeting of the Technical Scientific Committee, exceptionally kept in a small form and electronically to comply with the directives for containing the pandemic, was held.

The meeting, that was hosted by the coordinator beneficiary Municipality of Lucca , opened with a greeting from Salvatore (Municipality of Lucca) who gave some organizational indications on the conduct of the meeting and proceeds to share the agenda.

The meeting was the occasion to present the progress of the project, the installation and the experimentation phase but, also and most important, was the occasion to discuss with the participants about three main points of the project.

  1. current uses of the cargo bike sharing service and proposals for possible other uses;
  2. sustainability of freight transport in urban areas: analysis of the parameters used in LIFE ASPIRE and evaluation of the criteria hypothesized by the Consortium for the rewarding;
  3. critical evaluation, possible evolutions and economic aspects of the technologies implemented and their use in the demonstration phase of the Aspire project.

The discussion was very interesting and, the last meeting will be held at the end of the project (around mid-September). The observations made within this meeting will be treasured and conclusions will be drawn and brought to the attention of the European Commission.