LIFE ASPIRE project started with Kiunsys, as associated beneficiary. In 2019, Kiunsys has been acquired by Municipia SpA (an Engineering Ingegneria Informatica Spa Group’s company) and, since the 12th of April 2019, Municipia SpA is officially the associated beneficiary of the project.

Kiunsys is a Municipia brand. We currently have national and European projects and solutions already operating in over 80 cities, including, for example, Florence, Mantua, Milan, Naples, Parma, Pisa and Verona. With a package of over 20 urban mobility services connected to sophisticated sensor systems, our solutions allow you to manage, based on specific parameters established by the administrations, the access to the Limited Traffic Zones / Congestion Areas, parking areas, issue and renewal of permits and subscriptions, regulation of transit and parking, as well as all digital information and payment channels. After the Hamburg and Bucharest cases, also Deutsche Telekom AG decided to trust us for the management of the PARK & JOY parking payment system. As well as Fès (Morocco), a city with over one million citizens, that has chosen our technologies for the entire urban mobility and parking management.