MemEx is an independent engineering consultancy company, established in 1994, composed by experts with a high level of experience on Logistics systems and services, Urban Mobility and Public Transport.

MemEx has developed a significant experience in the areas of Intelligent Transport Systems (ITS) and related services for Traffic/Mobility networks (City Logistics, UTC, Integrated Parking Systems, VMS, Traffic Information Centre, Access control, Transportation network, Environment and land use measures, etc.) and for Collective Transport (Integrated Payments, AVM/SAE, DRTs, Infomobility, Communication network, etc.).

MemEx acts in system and service analysis, design, introduction and evaluation, and provides project management and planning support to public administrations, private and public/collective transport operators.

MemEx has developed remarkable experience in project management and coordination with the participation in several important EU projects in the areas of: environment (LIFE ENV CEDM, LIFE+ ENV ELBA, LIFE+ ENV PERHT) and energy saving (SAVE, IEE), ICT and ITS services both at EU RTD programs level (BRITE, ESPRIT, EUREKA, PROMETHEUS, DRIVE, Transport Telematics, IST), Regional Cooperation (RECITE, INTERREG IIIB,IIIC, IVC) and at national/regional level.