LIFE ASPIRE main actions are the following:

  • Full revision and enhancement of the existing regulation of the access/parking of commercial vehicles introducing new « credit based » rules, which award or penalizes transport operators on the basis of several factors;
  • Design and implementation of the LOCMAP dedicated to urban freight distribution processes in Lucca;
  • Equipment of a total of 22 Restricted Traffic Zone (RTZ) gates – 8 entry; 14 exit – with new RFID devices (including gates equipped with the existing access control system based on OCR cameras);
  • Implementation of 34 Load/Unload dedicated parking baysequipped with sensors located in 12 L/U areas.
  • Implementation of a new Cargo-bike Sharing Service available for transport operators in n. 3 stations;
  • Evaluation and periodic report updates of the LIFE ASPIRE measures, policies and regulations implemented;
  • Replicability and transferability analysis of measures/solutions implemented in Lucca in Stockholm and Zadar.