City of Zadar is a local self-government unit, determined by the Local self-government and Administration Act and Territories of Counties, Cities and Municipalities in the Republic of Croatia Act. It has 181 employees and 14 administrative departments. The administrative area of the City of Zadar includes 4 nearby settlements, the town of Zadar, as well as the 7 islands. Fields of competence which are under the jurisdiction of the City of Zadar are, as follows: Arrangement of City districts and housing, Spatial and urban planning, Municipal economy, Child care, Social welfare, Primary health care, Education and primary education, Culture, physical culture and sport, Consumer protection, Protection and improvement of natural environment, Fire and civil protection, Traffic in its area, Maintenance of public roads, Construction, Energy efficiency, Issuance of physical planning and construction documents and other works in accordance with special laws.

The City of Zadar is active participant in the field of transnational and cross-border cooperation with a long tradition of cooperation with numerous foreign local governments and international organizations.

City of Zadar with its departments and other city public utilities systematically and efficiently manage its assets. Expertise is expressed on many levels, such as the construction of roads, introduction of intelligent transport systems, investment in transport links with isolated parts of the region. Also as expertise that can express the City of Zadar has expertise in maritime and air transport. The City of Zadar connects the islands with ferry lines, and during the tourist season that lines are frequent, and the separation of fast boat line passengers from ferry traffic has reduced crowds in the historic center of the city. City of Zadar is experienced in the implementation of EU projects related to intelligent transport system and to the integration of different transport modes.