LIFE GySTRA (Global system for Sustainable TRAffic emissions management) aims to create an innovative remote-sensing device able to continuously monitor emissions of NO, CO, CO2, PM and NO2 in real driving conditions. It thus aims to be able to identify high emitting vehicles and require them to be repaired as part of a highly replicable urban air quality management model.

The project will develop and test a new tool (the RSD+) that will remotely measure real driving emissions in two pilot schemes:

  • A public model in the Spanish city of Madrid – in which 700 000 vehicles per year will be monitored with two RSD+ devices, enabling the Spanish government to notify high emitters and requiring them to repair their vehicle or face a fine; and
  • A fleet model in the Bulgarian city of Sofia – in which a fleet of 150 buses will be measured continuously, enabling the city council to better control urban emissions.