The main innovation of LIFE ASPIRE is the implementation of a policy which awards or penalizes transport operators on the basis of different factors (i.e. vehicle emissions and dimension, duration of the stay, trips frequency, utilized time window, use of new logistics services (LSs), etc.

As operational instrument to manage this innovative policy, LIFE ASPIRE will implement in Lucca a Logistics Credit Management Platform (LOCMAP). LOCMAP will also manage two new LSs (Load/Unload Parking Lots and Cargo-bike Sharing) and will integrate the existing access control system, enhanced with RFID technology, to control commercial vehicles (CVs) entrance/exit in the LTZ.

Cleaner CVs are rewarded by LOCMAP with high credit points.  The potential of replicability and transferability of the “credit based” Access Control policy (including the design of new LSs), and the related supporting LOCMAP, will be defined and verified in collaboration with the towns of Stockholm (SE) and Zadar (HR), taking into account their specific contexts.