The implementation of LIFE ASPIRE activities and measures will enable to:

– Reduce the current levels of freight traffic by decreasing the total number of commercial vehicles in last mile deliveries operations in the inner historic centre of Lucca (in particular in the LTZ);

– Reduce the current levels of environmental pollution due to commercial vehicle emissions; – Reduce the related energy consumptions; – Reduce the related noise pollution;

– Reduce risks for historic buildings due to vibrations resulting from heavy traffic;

– Improve the safety for pedestrian;

– Promoting the adoption of low/zero emission vehicles by transport operators;

– Foster the transport operators to use the optimesed logistics services provided by the local Urban Consolidation Centers (UCC), thanks to the new enforcement and access policy;

– Provide new eco-logistics services for transport operators in last mile deliveries (Load/Unload parking lots and Cargo-bike Sharing), both managed by the innovative LOCMAP;

– Improve the urban environment and, consequently, the quality of life for residents, visitors and tourists. The estimated savings in the urban environment of Lucca, achievable at the end of LIFE ASPIRE project (ex-post situation), as compared to Business-As-Usual scenario (BAU 2016), will be the following: CO: 1.080 Kg/y, equal to -11,6%; NOx: 360 Kg/y, equal to -10,6%; PM: 53 Kg/y, equal to -12,6%; CO2: 138 Ton/y, equal to -10,7%.