Within the EU Green Week 2021 – “Zero Pollution for healthier people and planet”, LIFE ASPIRE organized, on June 3, the event “Green logistics for Lucca: cargo bike sharing system”, which was selected as one of the EU Green Week Partner Events.

After the greetings and the introduction by Pamela Salvatore (Municipality of Lucca), the technical partners (LUCENSE, MEMEX and MUNICIPIA) presented the Life Aspire project in detail, while Francesco Baroncini of the Italian Environment and Bicycle Federation (FIAB) illustrated the experiences in Italy and in Europe in the use of cargo bikes. Following this, the transport operators active in the historic center were awarded by the Mobility City Councillor Gabriele Bove. To the four operators, LUCENSE TRASPORTI SRL, ECO-CITY TRANSPORT SOC. COOP, POLICONSORZIO, BRT Lucca, which distinguished themselves in 2020, despite the difficult conditions of the pandemic context, for their contribution to the decarbonisation and electrification of freight transport in the historic center, to the improvement of air quality, in favour of ecological transition path of the City of Lucca, a symbolic recognition was awarded.