Project coordinator, Comune di Lucca (Municipality of Lucca, LUCCA) is a local Public Authority with administrative competence assigned by relevant law, among which social and economic development, urban planning, private and public building, environment, mobility, tourism, education, culture, etc.

Concerning LIFE ASPIRE referenced issues, in the last decade relevant resources have been increasingly invested by the Municipality for improving urban environment and to achieve significant reductions related energy consumption, noxious gases emissions and noise and to preserve the quality of the environment and the historical and tourist assets.

This has been done through specific regulatory initiatives and mobility schemes and the realisation of specific infrastructures aimed at the improvement of local mobility management; the enhancement of public transport quality and the general environmental protection of the urban settlement which represents a short-mid term city priorities.

In 2004 Lucca Municipality won, as lead partner, a LIFE programme on urban sustainable logistics aimed at realize into the historical and economical area the Centre for Eco-Friendly City Freight Distribution operations for transhipment and goods collection point (LIFE05 ENV/IT/000870). The CEDM experience has been considered a best practise by European Commission ln the field of air quality policies {LIFE and Air Quality 2014).

Moreover the Municipality takes part in several collaboration projects: LIFE Serial Welifir – (LIFEO4 ENV/IT/000503) as lead partner; LIFE+ project LAIKA – (LIFE09 ENV/IT/000200); IEE/11/826 ENCLOSE.

By 2007 the Municipality of Lucca is member of CIVITAS, an European network, which shares know how and offers information on the state of the art and best practises in the field of urban environmental policy.