LIFE ASPIRE Second Annual Workshop will be held in Stockholm on June 25th.

The workshop “Smart logistics solutions in Gamla stan” will be the occasion to discuss the solutions adopted by the City of Stockholm in dealing with freight logistics in the historic part of the city. It will be, also, the occasion to present LIFE ASPIRE solutions and possibility of scalability and replicability in other urban contexts such “Gamla stan” in Stockholm. “Gamla stan” (Old town) of Stockholm is one of Europe’s largest and best preserved medieval areas. To prevent this architectural heritage from being lost, it is necessary to adopt solutions in order to reduce the externalities of freight transport within it.

Speakers include: Gunnar Björkman (Director of the City of Stockholm Innovation Department); Jeppe Larsen (co-founder of MOVEBYBIKE); Henric Millde and Per Malmberg (representatives of the civic association “Citizens of Gamla stan in cooperation”), and Henrik Maklin (section head of the company Ragn-sells).

The workshop will end with a round table and a technical visit to the historic center.